About Me

We always leave little fingerprints in the lives of the people with whom we interact.
Be gentle.

edited3-47My name is Rebecca June. I am a twenty-something-year-old UNC Charlotte graduate with a degree in English with a focus on Literature and Culture and a bachelors in Social Work. I am passionate about the stories people have to share and the creative outlets we can experience them. I like to express my thoughts about the way we interact as people through a creative lens.

I like to keep my hands in many different pots:

  • I work as a freelance copyeditor / proofreader
  • I love to review and promote books that I read in my spare time – reviews can be found here and on my Goodreads
  • I take creative pictures of books and nerd about them with my followers on Instagram
  • I get antsy when my hands are still, so I knit while binge watching shows and movies – you can buy my creations from my Etsy shop, DinoKnit (I post updates on my Twitter)
  • I dream of publishing my own books one day

Please send any inquiries to rebecca.june.moore@gmail.com. 


What do I like?

  • Well-written books with pretty covers – read mostly YA and some adult fiction, specifically contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy, and anything recommended by readers I trust
  • Putting words together in such a way that people are able to form a picture or emotion just from reading them
  • People who realize their dreams and fight for them, despite the obvious obstacles
  • Dinosaurs, space, aliens, dragons
  • Tattoos – I currently have 8 and dream about many more
  • Being outside in the sun, watching baseball or adventuring
  • My super adorable, insanely sassy bunny named Scout
  • This really cute red-head I married in 2019
  • God – I’m a Bible-believing Christian and my life is centered around that

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