Oh, What Marvelous Things

Here’s a song for you lovely
Remember that it is for you only, for you only
I love to watch the light you spread to the room
See how it dances from you to me to you
With our laughter, bright white sound
I’ll build a castle that won’t fall down
And when I’m done
The clock will stop and from
Our heads will come bright flowers

Dear, did you know that people love each other
Just like we do, just like they do
Dear, did you know you’re all I ask for?
So hold onto me, hold on with me here
And you know that until the stars fall I’ll always love you


Oh, when the day is blue
I’ll sit here wondering about you
And how the pollen fell
All around your face in strange yellow patterns
But I wasn’t prepared for this
Oh, lying in the sun
Everyday feeling all of the magic in life
You might find the wonder


You are nothing what you seem
You’re always looking out for me
I know that I have taken things
I’ve taken things I had for granted
I know this one thing’s for sure
I won’t let you ever walk out my door
Let’s break the walls down
And find how to live
Cause you and I have
So much to give


I cut the moon in half
And stuck a piece to my hair
It made the back of my head glow
Golden yellow and then I took
Ten stars on sticks and placed them in my small metal
Bucket and I gave the other half of the moon to you
Oh, so you wouldn’t forget me while I’m gone


(Poem created from the lyrics of nine Eisley songs: “My Lovely,” “Sunfeet,” “Just Like We Do,” “Lost At Sea,” “I Wasn’t Prepared,” “Marvelous Things,” “I Could Be There For You,””A Sight To Behold,” and “Plenty of Paper.”)

Pictures taken by my good friend, Hunter. Take a look at her pictures here and her blog here.

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